How to Make an Awesome Wonder Woman Movie Poster

We have all experienced the feeling of wanting to see our own faces on the big screen or on the movie posters at the theaters.  Now, you can make this dream come true with a camera and an editing program.  I chose to do one of the Wonder Woman posters, since I have a costume for upcoming halloween, however, you can use any poster you would like, the process is fairly the same for all poster recreations.

First you need to take a self portrait in the position of the subject in the poster.  If there are multiple subjects you will need to take multiple shots in the various poses of either yourself or other participants willing to model for you.  This can be done using a DSLR, a tripod, and a shutter remote.  Once you have taken all of your shots for you and your subjects, and have gathered any background shots you may need, either via the internet or by your own shots, you can move on to editing.  I like to start off in Lightroom to get coloring and basic editing done, but you can go straight to photoshop or any editing program you are familiar with.  Once you are done getting your colors and basic edits done, you can start using photoshop to make major edits and merge pictures. I started by using the liquify tool to shape some of the spots that I was uncomfortable with.  I then dodged and burned a little bit around areas that needed shadow or light that I missed in Lightroom.  I photoshopped the sword, and some of the hair, and the knee pad in, and once I blended these items with my own image, I placed the final product over the background image.  Finally, I added text and exported.  My poster is by no means an identical match to the original, however, it is still a fun project to share with family and friends and to demonstrate your proficiency in Photoshop and Lightroom.  This is the final product:

The following are the images that I started with and the original image that I based my poster on:


Background Image is from: