Front and Back Inside

Description: A project designed to teach the student how to combine and incorporate everything they have learned in the semester into one design in brochure form.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):  First, I considered what I wanted my message to be.  Then I drew sketches for a logo to represent my message.  After that, I created my favorite sketch using Adobe Illustrator to finalize my logo.  Next, I drew up a few sketches of what I wanted the design for my brochure to look like.  I then created my favorite sketch in InDesign, and placed the images I had chosen and edited in Photoshop and my Logo into the InDesign file.  After finalizing a draft of my brochure, I then asked my peers for feedback on my design.  Finally, after making the necessary changes to my brochure using the feedback, I created my blog post to display my final product.

Message: Visit Dinosaur Park!

Audience: People who love dinosaurs, especially children and young adults who want to learn more about them.

Top Thing Learned:  How to use InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop together.  How to wrap text around an image. How to refine the edge around a selected area in Photoshop and then use that selection in Indesign.

Color scheme and color names: Tetradic: Green, Yellow, Purple, Red

Title Font Name & Category: Basic Title Font, Sans Serif Copy

Font Name & Category:  Night Still Comes, Oldstyle

Word Count of copy: 401

 Thumbnails of Images used: click on the thumbnails to visit the websites where I found them or use the links below






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