This week, as I sat at my desk, I saw a small oil lamp on my night desk, and thought it would be cool to use it for my perspective of 12 project.  I have never actually lit the lamp, I used it mostly for decoration, so my first goal was to figure out how to light it without burning down my apartment complex.  After a quick google search on oil lamps and a short trip to Walmart, I was able to light the lamp.  Back at my apartment, I tried to get different shots of the lamp, some with detail and some with a broader perspective, I even convinced my roommates to help me get a few cute shots of blowing out a flame and holding the lamp.  Once I had all of my pictures, I lightly edited them in Lightroom, and then I used Photoshop to create my composite and my collage.  Here are my final results.

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Texture Blend


















For this image, I blended an image that I took myself, and a texture image from  I opened my photo in photoshop, then I placed the texture in the layer above it.  I changed the blending mode in the texture layer to multiply, and then created a vector mask for the texture layer, and used the brushed to bring out the lamp and some of the smoke.













I placed several of my images into this collage, and then I tried to get creative by adding text, and then using my texture from to add a little more flair to the image.  This was the most time consuming part of the project, but I am really happy with the results!