How To: Awesome Outdoor Product Photography Shots

As I mentioned in my Indoor Product Photography Post, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about Product Photography through workshops and hands-on experiments on a Photography Excursion I had the privilege of going on recently.  I learned tons of exciting new things, including how to create amazing Outdoor Product Photography Shots. The main thing I would like to focus on, and what I learned that helped me most, is the idea that outdoor product photography shoots can use Lifestyle Product Photography to really emphasize the purpose, function, or message of your product. The cool thing about outdoor product photography is that you can take Amazing Outdoor Product Photography Shots right in your own backyard! The following are a few examples of the Outdoor Product Photography Shots I took:

Lifestyle Outdoor Product Photography Shots

Footwear:  Merrell Hiking Shoes

This was one of the first product shots I took during my outdoor photoshoot.  I really liked the idea of getting the shoe in action with a little bit of snow on the soles and the snowy rustic patio just peeping through in the background.  The following image is the shot I was able to get of my Footwear Outdoor Product Photography:

Outdoor Product Photography Footwear

Jewelry:  Engagement Rings

This product was a little more tricky to shoot.  Keep in mind that I have no control over the weather, and it snowed the night before our scheduled Outdoor Product Photography Shoot.  However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I learned a valuable lesson regarding Outdoor Product Photography, and that was USE THE ENVIRONMENT.  I decided to play with a fe ideas of having the ring sit in the snow, but we almost lost it when we realized the warm metal would melt right through the icy powder, so we decided to place it higher up on a wooden post where we could keep a closer eye on how far the ring would sink.  We also played with the idea of having someone hold the ring in snow.  The following are my results for the Jewelry Outdoor Product Photography:

Outdoor Product Photography Ring On Wood

Outdoor Product Photography Jewelry 1      Outdoor Product Photography Jewelry 2

Outdoor Product Photography Jewelry 3

Bags And Purses:  Doughnut Brand Backpacks

For this product shoot, I wanted to get the same feel as with the footwear.  I wanted to show how the product is fashionable, yet durable, so I had my model stand near a wooden banister covered in snow looking towards the mountains. I got a few close and medium shots.  The following are my pictures for the Doughnut Bag from my Outdoor Product Photography Shoot:

Outdoor Product Photography Bag 1

Outdoor Product Photography Bag 3

The following three are are pretty similar, just with varying distances from the model, and varying amounts of white space:

Outdoor Product Photography Bag 4     Outdoor Product Photography 5     Outdoor Product Photography Bag 2

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