How to: Amazing Indoor Product Photography at Home!!!

This past week I had the opportunity to participate in some exciting workshops during an excursion with my Professional Imaging class, and I learned a few tips that I am excited to share with everyone!  There are two types of indoor product photography that I thought would be good to share! I included tips and how to’s for each below!

Overhead Indoor Product Photography

This is probably the type of Indoor Product Photography that I had the most fun with.  It is pretty simple and requires little to no experience.  You will need a light source for this shoot.  The best part is choosing the product and background.  For this type of shoot you can stick to one product to highlight, or choose a group of products to create a scene.  In the images below, I had the chance to try my hand at both single products and creating scenes.  Once you choose you products for the Indoor Photography Shoot, you can then choose your background.  If you don’t have anything fancy, DO NOT WORRY!!! I took these pictures on the hard wood floors, carpets, and wooden tables of the lodge we stayed at. (note: the food was not edible, the scene was made of food props)  Once you have chosen your products, and a contrasting background that really makes the product pop, you are ready to shoot your Indoor Product Photography.  Make sure that you set the light up so that it is overhead and not casting any nasty shadows.  This can be tricky, but with practice and a few different angles, you will definitely get some shots that you love! Once the lighting is set, you are ready to let that shutter click!  The following are a few examples of the Overhead Indoor Product Photography shots I was able to get:

Indoor Product Photography Veggies

Indoor Product Photography Veggies 2

Indoor Product Photography Fragrance

Indoor Product Photography School Supplies

Styled Indoor Product Photography

The second type of Indoor Product Photography I learned about and thought was worth sharing with everyone was Styled Indoor Photography.  This type of Indoor Product Photography is very useful and quite simple.  You choose a central product, and from there everything in the shoot is styled in a way that emphasized the products function or message.  Everything from lighting, props, and backgrounds are all carefully selected to match the style you are trying to give the product’s scene.  Here are a few examples of my Styled Indoor Product Photography:

Indoor Product Photography Skincare

Indoor Product Photography Pumpkin 2

Indoor Product Photography Pumpkin

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