Portraits of Hiking The Tetons and More

One of the best parts of living in Idaho is being so close to so many national parks.  One of the best places to visit is Grand Teton National Park.  They have beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife.  If you ever get the chance, you should definitely consider hiking the Tetons.  The Tetons also offer opportunities for taking beautiful portraits and landscapes.  The Tetons are literally a photographers dream!

Hiking The Tetons 1

Hiking The Tetons 2

Hiking The Tetons 3

Hiking The Tetons 4

Hiking The Tetons 5

Hiking The Tetons 6

Although these shots seem simple, they typically take work to set up and accomplish.  Here are a few examples of the action required for these shots:

Set Up Shots

Set Up Shots

Set Up Shots