Extraordinary Shots! How You Can Make Take Stunning Photographs!

Have you ever had a hard time figuring out what to do with interesting objects that you would like to take pictures of, but just can’t think of how to frame them? These are often called ordinary spots, and with just a few tricks you can take an ordinary spot to create an extraordinary shot.  Below I have a few examples and a few tips on how to create your own Extraordinary Shot!

Kitchen Utensils 

Sometimes you can create an extraordinary shot with just a few common household items.  Here I took a few spoons and lined them up, found a cool angle and changed my aperture to create some shadows and bokeh.  The first image was my ordinary spot, and my second image was the Extraordinary Shot I was able to compose.

Ordinary Spot 1

Extraordinary Shot 1

Mirror, Mirror

This is a mirror in my room, that is useful for getting ready and for selfies, but sometimes I want to take a few more extraordinary shots than just an ordinary shot of the set up of my room corner.  For my Extraordinary Shot, I propped my mirror up at an angle, and then I decided to get a model to get a cool reflection.  I messed with my aperture and my shutter speed to get an Invisible Black Background.  The following Images are what I captured, the first is my ordinary spot, the second is my Extraordinary Shot:

Ordinary Spot 2

Extraordinary Shot 2

Check out Douglas Phan’s website for more Ideas on Ordinary Spots/ Extraordinary Shot Photography:

Ordinary Spot – Extraordinary Shot