This week I had the opportunity to take some really unique portraits.  First,  I thought of people and places I am not too familiar with.  Living in the Yellowstone area, I realized that I had never really taken the time to learn about the people, culture, or landscape in this area, so I decided to take portraits of people who are familiar with the culture and landscape of Yellowstone.  I contacted the offices at the nearby Yellowstone park.  Once there I took pictures of different staff and animal keepers.  My favorite pictures were of the keepers feeding the cubs.  After taking the portraits, I was able to talk to a staff member about the park, the people, and the Yellowstone environment.  After my fun visit, I developed and edited my images, I included two of them below:







Meet Taylor and Jesse! Taylor is one of the bear Keepers at Yellowstone Bear World, and Jesse is one of the four-month-old cubs that Jesse has the pleasure of loving and caring for at the Park.  Taylor is an intern who hopes to someday be a professional zookeeper, but for now she helps at Bear World by feeding all of their bears and cubs, raising newborn bears, and running the petting zoo.  Her favorite part of the job?  Interacting and forming special bonds and relationships with each cub, and sharing that special relationship with park visitors.  As soon as Jesse is old enough, he will be able to join his brothers and sisters in the main area of the park.