My Creative Resume Handout!

Memories are the intangible treasures we keep from our experiences as mortals.  Unlike gold and riches, memories are precious and can someday leave us, that is why I try to capture these memories.  Instead of photographer or videographer, I like to think of myself as a keeper of memories.  If there is something special coming up in your life, I want to be there to help you capture as many memories as I can.  I won’t treat you like a date on the calendar or a paycheck, but rather as a unique individual with needs and hopes.  Let’s meet together to talk about how we can build your experiences into something truly memorable!

Below is my creative resume handout! I created it using Indesign.  I tried to keep it simple, yet informative.  Leave a comment below, letting me know what you think!

Creative Resume Handout Creative Resume Handout Creative Resume Handout