Conceptual Product Photography for Cosmetics

As I discussed in my last two posts, about Outdoor Product Photography and Indoor Product Photography, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about product photography during an excursion, which you can read more about using the links to my other posts above.  Right now, I would like to discuss what I learned about Conceptual Product Photography.  The single most important thing to remember when creating a conceptual product image is the central message.  What are you trying to say about your product? What is its purpose? How will your audience remember this product above the rest?  Once you can pin down your main concept, you are ready to begin! The second most important thing to remember for Conceptual Product Photography is to GET YOUR LIGHTING RIGHT! If you are planning on merging, layering, or masking things together with photoshop and illustrator, it is important to get your main product picture well lit so that the resolution can look professional.  If your image is being used in a conceptual ad it needs to be high quality and that all starts with proper exposure and lighting. Once you have your concept and a well lit image of your product you are ready to create your Conceptual Product Photography Ad.  Backgrounds and themes are up to you and how creative you want to get, so I won’t go into detail there, but fellow photographer, Kelsey Barrett, and I, worked together to create a Conceptual Product Photography Ad example that can be seen below:

Here is a link to similar ads:

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