Beautiful City Street Photography for Gallery Art Prints

I have the privilege of calling San Antonio, Texas my home.  During a recent visit, I decided to take some pictures of some of my favorite spots around town.  City Street Photography can be a little complicated so its important to look for different angles, and take as many unique shots as possible.  When taking my City Street pictures I tried to find spots that were filled with color and detail.  Below is one of the City Street Photographs I was able to take while visiting San Antonio.  I decided that I loved the color and detail in this City Street Photograph so much, that I decided to get it made as a print.  When deciding which of your photographs to print it is good to consider framing, color, and size, especially when you want to have larger prints in a high quality. You can find my print hanging in the Spori Building at BYU-I until November 22, 2017. I included a picture of me and my print below as well!


Print in Gallery


Here is a cool link to a site about street photography:

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Street Photography